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PhD courses at ISY

PhD courses at Automatic Control

Course Contact HP Date
Linear systems Anders Hansson 7 spring 2025
System identification Martin Enqvist 6+3 fall 2024
Robust multivariable control Anders Helmersson 9 spring 2024
Nonlinear control systems Claudio Altafini 6+3 fall 2023
Optimal filtering Gustaf Hendeby 6 fall 2023
Optimization for learning Anders Hansson 9 spring 2024
Opinion dynamics on social networks Claudio Altafini 6+3 fall 2022
Target tracking Gustaf Hendeby 2+4+3 fall 2021

PhD courses at Communication Systems

Course Contact HP Date
Advanced Topics in Detection and Estimation Theory E. G. Larsson 7 February-August 2023
Multirate Digital Signal Processing H. Johansson   November 2022
Ph.D. extension of TSKS14 Massive MIMO E. G. Larsson   March-August 2022
Classical MIMO Communications     March 2020

PhD courses at Computer Engineering

Course Contact HP Date
Advanced FPGA implementation José Nunez-Yanez 6 VT 2024

PhD courses at Computer Vision

Course Contact HP Date
Reading group in Computer and Robot Vision Per-Erik Forssén 1-3 2013-2014, 2017-2024
Master’s Thesis Supervision Per-Erik Forssén 3 2024
Master’s Thesis Supervision Per-Erik Forssén 3 2022
Group Theoretical Methods     spring 2018, 2022, 2024
Coordinates in Machine Learning     2023
Neural Networks and Deep Learning     autumn 2018, 2020
Biological Vision Systems Per-Erik Forssén 3 autumn 2017, 2024

PhD courses at Electronic Circuits and Systems

Course Contact HP Date
Advanced CAD tools and methodologies for IC design Atila Alvandpour 15 yearly incl 2024
VLSI design Atila Alvandpour 9 yearly incl 2024
Semiconductor memory devices and circuits I Atila Alvandpour 8 2024
Semiconductor memory devices and circuits II Atila Alvandpour 4 2024
Test and Measurement of Integrated Circuits Alireza Saberkari   2023
Introduction to sigma-delta modulators Atila Alvandpour   2022
Hardware for Machine Learning Mark Vesterbacka 6 2021
State-of-the-art Electron Devices Ted Johansson   2019

PhD courses at Information Coding

Course Contact HP Date
Information Theory Onur Günlü 6+3 HT 2023, VT 2013, HT 2009
WACQT Lab Course Guilherme B Xavier   HT 2023
Foundations of Quantum Mechanics Jan-Åke Larsson 6 VT 2023, VT 2022, HT 2012
Seminar on Clifford’s Geometric Algebra Robert Forchheimer 1 VT 2021, VT 2016

PhD courses at Vehicular Systems

Course Contact HP Date
Simulation of ordinary and differential-algebraic equations Erik Frisk, Lars Eriksson 9 VT1-2022
Non-linear observers Erik Frisk 6 HT-2023
Motion Planning and Control Erik Frisk 6 + 3 VT1-2021
Model-based and data-driven methods for diagnostics and prognostics Mattias Krysander, Erik Frisk 9 VT2-2020
Statistical Inference  Olov Holmer  6  VT-2023
 Optimal Vehicle Maneuvers  Lars Nielsen  6 VT-2023