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Master program in communication systems

The international master’s program in Communication Systems is a 2-year (120 ECTS) education leading to the degree of Master of Science. The program is taught entirely in English. The program is coordinated by the Communication Systems division at LiU and students will have access to a world-class research environment. LiU is located close to the Mjärdevi Science Park of Linköping that hosts many high-tech companies in the information technology and communications industry, including Ericsson and Saab.

This master’s program is highly competitive and aimed at the top students only. To enter the program, candidates need a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering or equivalent from an internationally well-renowned university. Candidates need a strong background in mathematics (in particular: linear algebra, signals and systems, Fourier methods, and probability theory). Candidates must be proficient in written and oral English. Knowledge of computer programming (Matlab and/or C++ or similar) is required for most master theses and course projects.

The program offers a range of courses with a solid theoretical nucleus in communication theory, and prepares the students for a continued career as engineers working in industry or as Ph.D. students. The courses span from basic communication and signal processing theory to cutting-edge topics, such as multiple-antenna communications (a core technology in 5G). As communication technology becomes an integral part of our society, there are career opportunities both in the telecommunications industry and in industries that integrate the technology into their products. The program offers a project course where the students will learn working in teams, project management, and where students get opportunity to apply their knowledge in practice.

During the first year, almost all courses are mandatory. During the fall of the second year, the students can choose from a number of elective courses within the general area of electrical and computer engineering, mathematics and physics. Most courses in the program are taught by the divisions on Communication Systems, Information Coding, and Automatic Control of the department of Electrical Engineering (ISY) at LiU.

The first three semesters consist of coursework and the final (4th) semester is dedicated to the master thesis project. The thesis project can be carried out either in the university, at a company, or abroad (the academic requirements are the same in all cases).

This Master’s program can also be offered as commissioned education to companies, organizations, and authorities.